Passion and Possibilities

Do you really know what's possible with passion?
Come to Bali for an amazing Passion Maps™ event and find out!

September 10 - 16, 2018
Gaia Oasis - Pantai Beach Resort ~ Tejukula, Bali
Limited Spaces Available

'Passion and Possibilities' is an Inspirational retreat enabling individuals, professionals, couples, families and new and seasoned members of the Passion Mapping™ community to come together to learn, collaborate, co-create and make a difference in the world. Come for the full experience of exploration, inspiration and relaxation from the 10th to the 16th of September.

Who's it for?

Personal Passion Maps™ enable people from all walks of life to connect with their inner knowing and intuition in a deeply personal and experiential manner. Personal Passion Maps™ have proven their effectiveness as key components of coaching, facilitating, leadership, strategy and career development. Our Passion Maps™ Programs combine unique energising patterns with an individual’s personal vision.

A Relationship or Couples Passion Map™ is a powerful way to take your relationship a giant leap further – to deepen mutual understanding and appreciation of your’s and your partner’s passions and the way each of you approaches the world and your relationship. In the program you will clarify your highest intention for your life together; open new channels of communication.

Explore the Passion Mapping process and to meet some of the leaders in our international community.
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What is Passion Maps?

Passion Maps™ is a proven development and enrichment methodology that uses holistic processes to create a deep understanding of what empowers and moves us.

The Passion Maps™ process is unique, working directly with the embodied energies of your passions.
A potent and enduring sense of essence, purpose and vision emerge to guide us forward as an individual, as a business partnership, as a couple or as a team.

Personal Passion Mapping™

Gain insight into the essence of your passions. Experience your deep inner self in a new potent authentic way. Clarify your highest purpose. Create your own unique Passion Map™ as well as a guiding image and clear vision for your life. Following the workshop, you will receive our new Passion Maps App that includes a 6-week online self-coaching program. Professional Coaching is also available.

Passion Bombora

This is a unique opportunity to take part in three wonderful group facilitated events that are empowered by our collective passions. Coming together from all over the world, harmonising and directing our shared passions is an extraordinary way to create shared initiatives and to make the world a better place. We will be able to demonstrate our own skills, seed business partnerships and generate community.

Relationship Passion Mapping™

Identify what passions you share with your partner, what it is like to experience harmonising your passions and your lives. As a couple, as friends or as business partners, create your unique Relationship Passion Map™ to represent the essence of who you are together. Lift and harmonise your relationship by generating more passion, energy, love, purpose and harmony together.
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Meet the Team
Natasha Morales

“8 years ago I created my own unique “map” to living as “an authentic and complete” me. It was transformational. I have discovered more purpose, meaning and happiness in my life and live at a higher vibration than ever before."

Natasha grew up in Canada and Mexico and has lived and worked in Japan, Australia, Thailand and now New Zealand. Natasha is a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Yoga & Meditation Instructor and PEP consultant. Her multi-cultural background and strong presentation and communication skills enable her to facilitate life-changing results in both individuals and groups.

Jill Knell

Jill is a highly experienced facilitator and leadership coach who has an extensive professional background in personal, team, organisational and community evolution. She draws on robust theoretical and practice evidence in addition to her own well developed intuition. Jill has a passion for and specialises in working with people, nationally & internationally, who are focused on co-creating a better world.

Peter Wallman
Peter Wallman is the Australian inventor of Passion Maps™ and author of “The Wisdom of Passion”. Passion Maps™ enable individuals and collectives to connect with their deepest essence and to generate clarity about what is most important for them.
He has led many retreats for senior executives from diverse locations and backgrounds and trained coaches around the world.
Roger West
Roger is a Director of WestWood Spice, a consultancy working with leaders in the areas of social justice, human services and sustainability. Through WestWood Spice he is an advisor, coach and forum facilitator. He has a passion for enabling and improving the impacts that these leaders can have in the community and for the people they serve. He uses Passion Maps™ with his clients to help them build resilience, clarity of vision and strength of purpose.
Our Venue
Gaia Oasis

Located at Tejakula, Bali Indonesia, about 3-hour drive from Despasar airport. You will arrive at the beautiful Gaia Oasis Pantai Beach Resort. This retreat venue, has been specially chosen for its natural beauty, peaceful setting, and nurturing environment.

Nestled among swaying palm trees, and embraced by ocean breezes, it’s a beautiful, restful place to rediscover yourself, explore your passions and play with possibilities. You’ll stay in one of Gaia-Oasis’ eleven stylish, Balinese bungalows, uniquely designed to maximise airflow and natural ventilation; enjoy healthy nutritious meals; swim in the lotus pool; enjoy spa treatments, yoga and movement classes.

It’s a lovely opportunity to immerse yourself in the magical rhythms of the northern Balinese countryside, steeped in myths, exotic rituals and a rich colourful culture.

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